The Shotgun Boogie Gun Works 66 style loading gate for the 1873 Uberti rifles, solves some hick-up problems and makes loading easier.

The color is metallic steel silver.

The new Shotgun Boogie Gun Works 66 style loading gate is adjusted for the heavier weight of the 45LC and 44-40 rounds.

“W” and “H” serial numbers only!

Because of the variations in manufacturers tolerances, I simply cannot guarantee that my parts will function perfectly without being fitted by a competent gunsmith. I recommend that you employ the services of a gunsmith who is familiar with both these firearms and my kits. Of course, I developed these kits, and am glad to guarantee the work, if I fit them.

Boogie Hints: I recommend fixing the loading gate with a center punch, then it can’t move, even when the screw is loose. For the best result use together with the Shotgun Boogie Gun Works magazine spring.

We do our best to produce the loading gates as drop-in. Sometimes frames and sideplates are different and the loading gates need to be fit in, for properly working condition. A gunsmith is recommended to fit the loading gate in.