New and improved carrier arm and lever springs for the 1860, 1866 and 1873 Uberti rifles.
The original springs press on the cams of the carrier arm and lever with far too much force. As a result, the cams of the carrier arm and lever are destroyed piece by piece. This no longer happens with these tuning springs.

The set includes two high-quality screws with Torx 8 heads. Alternatively, the soft slotted screws from Uberti can also be used as well.
The blocks are interchangable, one spring for right side, the other one for left side.
No punch or squeeze needed anymore to keep the springs in the block.

Because of the variations in manufacturers tolerances, I simply cannot guarantee that my parts will function perfectly without being fitted by a competent gunsmith. I recommend that you employ the services of a gunsmith who is familiar with both these firearms and my kits. Of course, I developed these kits, and am glad to guarantee the work, if I fit them.