Short stroke kit with a low wide hammer (same as on Montado and SASS Ruger). Hammer, pawl, and trigger made from stainless steel. It fits in Old Ruger Vaquero, New Ruger Vaquero, and Super Blackhawk. The hammer has the half cock notch, but no transfer bar anymore. The action is similar to Colt SAA.

The kit includes a hammer, trigger, pawl, all springs, and an adjustable hammer stop.

Sights can be seen, when the hammer is down.

The Short Stroke kit is only for use in Cowboy Action competition!

2013 January Article Shotgun Boogie Ruger SSK

When ordering that kit, please let me know the first three digits of the serial number if it’s an Old or New Vaquero, and if there is a lock inside the grip frame or not. I need that information to ship you the right pawl and the right hammer stop.

While this kit is easily installed, it is not drop-in, it requires fitting by a competent Gunsmith.