SASS approved in 2020.

When installing this kit, please be aware that the bolt needs to be modified. You do not have to, nor do I recommend, making modifications to the carrier. All other parts of this kit are drop-in.

My short stroke kit is not intended to be appreciably shorter than the other ones on the market. The single biggest advantage is the new addition of adjustment screws. Both can be adjusted, when the rifle is assembled! The next difference is the newly configured stop points for the carrier. For this feature, the carrier arm is completely new, designed to hit the perfect high and the low points of the lifter’s travel.  There is no longer any need to adjust the timing here. No welding, filing, or bending is necessary to get perfect stop points for the carrier.

With the first screw, you can adjust at what time the carrier arm starts to go up, pushed by the lever. The bolt and the carrier should not touch each other. And even more important, the tab on the bottom of the bolt should not touch the incoming round. If that happens, after a while, the tab will inevitably break. We don’t want to have that problem.

With the second screw, you can adjust carrier timing, so that the lever pushes the carrier completely down to the bottom of its travel. This is a feature of the original Winchesters; however, the Uberti 73 rifles don’t do that. You can test that feature thus; when you close the lever, then you can push the carrier about ¼ of an inch up. That adjustment also affects the time at which the lever starts to push the carrier down.

One of the problem points of the stock design is this; when the carrier is in its highest position, you can start closing the lever, and while the bolt is still going forward to push the round into the chamber, at the same time the carrier starts to move down. If they touch each other, you will have a problem. To make sure that the carrier and bolt don’t touch each other while moving, the bolt needs to be modified. Without that modification, it’s not possible to cycle the rifle. I usually do that on my milling machine.

I take special care to keep tight tolerances and the finest possible finish.  The tool steel on a Shotgun Boogie Short Stroke Kit has higher strength and toughness than any other short stroke kit on the market. With tight tolerances and quality materials, you avoid a rifle failure, at the worst possible time!

Installation of SBGW short stroke kit is possible without filing or welding. And, on top of all of the rest, the timing can be easily readjusted, should the action begin to loosen after usage, as the parts wear in. No more cutting and welding, filing and bending,  and taking the complete rifle apart! Pop off the side plates, adjust the tolerances with the set screws, and you’re done!

This is only possible with the SBGW 1873 Short Stroke Kit.

Attention: This short stroke kit is made only for original Uberti levers. It does not work, when the lever is bent, welded, cut,  or otherwise modified!

Because of the variations in manufacturers tolerances, I simply cannot guarantee that my parts will function perfectly without being fitted by a competent gunsmith. I recommend that you employ the services of a gunsmith who is familiar with both these firearms and my kits. Of course, I developed these kits, and am glad to guarantee the work, if I fit them.