Using the Shotgun Boogie Trigger Spring for your Uberti 1873 will reduce the trigger pull.

Instead of the soft original screw I added a high quality Torx10 (T10,  star 10) screw to the springs. The washer is coming at first on the screw, then the spring, before screwing it back to the lower tang.

Boogie Hints: Boogie recommends using a Dremel drill with a diamond bit to grind a small slot at the tab of the sear, (to prevent the spring sliding right or left side off the sear).

Sometimes a shooter want or need more feedback on the trigger. In that case the 2 lb trigger helps a lot.

The kit is coming now with two springs. One about 1 lb trigger pull, the other about 2 lb trigger pull. Easiest way to find out, which trigger pull works best.

Because of the variations in manufacturers tolerances, I simply cannot guarantee that my parts will function perfectly without being fitted by a competent gunsmith. I recommend that you employ the services of a gunsmith who is familiar with both these firearms and my kits. Of course, I developed these kits, and am glad to guarantee the work, if I fit them.